Custom Woodworking

Oak Tree Design, LLC is a custom woodworking business, and as such, I endeavor to do any and all types of custom woodworking. I encourage to you to browse through my gallery of selected works to gain a better idea of the variety of woodworking I do.

1) Design

The process starts with you contacting me with a desire to create a piece. To get an idea of what you are after, everything helps! Sketches, pictures, magazine clippings, a finish sample, size requirements, and verbal descriptions are all very helpful. Don't worry, I've even worked from sketches on napkins!

I am a big believer in the collaborative design process, and as such I encourage my customers to be very active in helping design their project. I use AutoCAD to draft ideas into complete and easy to read drawings with dimensions and materials spelled out clearly. AutoCAD allows me to make design changes quickly and easily. I can also draw a 3D image of your project and render it in color to give an even better likeness of the finished project.

I require a non refundable $300.00 design deposit to start. This deposit is deducted from the total price of your project. I will send you initial CAD drawings of your project based on the information you have provided me to start with. I can send you this electronically or via U.S. postal service. If the design is exactly what you want, we're done with the design portion of your project. If it's not exactly what you intended, you mark up the drawings accordingly and I change the design and send you another set. Sometimes it takes two or three rounds to hone in exactly what you are looking for. This is important, as I want you to get exactly what you want and be very involved in the design. When friends ask about your piece, you can say "I helped designed that".

2) Contract and down payment

Once we have a design set, I will send you two copies of my small one page woodworking contract, two final copies of your design, and a spreadsheet detailing the cost of your piece. The contract spells out specifically what I am building for you out of what materials we have chosen and with what specific hardware and finish (es). It also spells out the bid amount, payment terms, and gives an approximate timeline to completion.
You can see a sample contract here in a new window.

The spreadsheet details what materials will be used, the quantities required, and each item's cost. My labor and any finishing costs are also included. You will see a complete picture of the cost.
You can see a sample spreadsheet here in a new window.

I will need you to sign and date one copy of the final drawings and one copy of the contract and send it to me in the stamped addressed envelope included. Payment can be a personal check mailed with the signed contract and final design drawing, or I can be paid through my Paypal account. Please contact me directly for further details.

Once your down payment is received and deposited, you will receive a receipt. Paypal payments automatically receive a receipt electronically. Check deposits will receive a receipt electronically via Email or by U.S Postal service if that is preferred.

3) Final payment and shipping

Once I have completed your project, I will notify you and will require the final payment to be made prior to shipping your project. Shipping method and pricing will be determined based on the size and weight of your project. I will work with you to get the most cost effective and safest shipping available. Local orders may of course be picked up, or for a small fee delivered.